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The Causeby Effect:

The Causeby Effect is a social behavior, similar in nature to the Ebola Effect that I instigated observed recently in a public situation that involved an innocent black individual coughing in a McDonald’s, then panicked crowds recklessly stampeded for safety while … Continue reading

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I accompanied my Ex-new boyfriend, Dave Koz the gay saxophone player, to the Seabreeze Jazz Festival where I was a V-I-P. A V.I.P. mind you… As a Very Important Playah, I scarfed down Free food, Free Drinks,  all in a … Continue reading

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Cumming Lodge:

Saturday afternoon I visited the Cumming Lodge a very exclusive members only clothing optional sex club. Where I engaged in a most stimulating debate with Ralph Cockshute concerning third world female genitalia mutilation. Soon afterward we were joined by Henry … Continue reading

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You know the dingy McDonaldland that you never stop at because it looks like the place that induces burger rage? Yesterday was the day that I stopped in for breakfast. I was late and needed something to get me going … Continue reading

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High Noon at the Oasis:

I went to the spa this weekend! Well not actually a spa really…but for the same price as a spa…I visited a themed water park. Age my skin in the sunshine + chlorinated water = Water Park. Nice right? Water … Continue reading

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