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First Post

Doesn’t WordPress sound like I’m in a basement typesetting little tiny individual letter blocks in neat little rows for rolling ink over then smashing them on a large piece of newspaper? It feels like it since I have no idea … Continue reading

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On my recent visit to McDonalds. I noticed a few too many warnings and admonishments. It’s a good thing I only like them for a quick breakfast. But where will I get my cola refills all day long now?

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Today in Bathtub Marys:

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While I’m away:

File it in the Department of Redundancy Department.

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Have you ever had an uncontrollable involuntary all over body shiver? I have. I have them irregularly. I have them involuntary. I have them uncontrollably. It’s rather like the unlikely event of having to sneeze while taking a piss. Don’t … Continue reading

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What Could Have Been:

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Price Check:

A girl asks her boyfriend to buy her a box of Kotex. The boyfriend reluctantly agrees and sneaks down the feminine hygiene product aisle grabs the Kotex and looks around the corner to see if the coast is clear at … Continue reading

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Hey Mary:

Me, “Hey ya’ll we need to call the Merry Maids and have them clean up this place before Friday.” Mary, “Thank you for calling ‘Mary Maids‘…this is Mary speaking…” Me, “Um yes Mary …I’m in need of your cleaning services … Continue reading

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Beweave It:

By now many of you have seen the commercial for the I Beweave Hair Salon with stylist and owner Shocantelle Brown. For those not familiar with the South I show can tell you that this is right on target. But … Continue reading

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