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Right Now:

Sometimes when I’m standing in line for Space Mountain I play a sort of meditation game to pass the time. It involves the possibility that somewhere in the world someone or something is the most special of its kind right … Continue reading

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L’amour Toujour L’amour:

A little while back British Jon of Give’em the old Razzle Dazzle posted a centenary celebration of the late Dorothy Lamour. While reading the article I came across this photo of Dorothy, Bob and Bing from the On the Road … Continue reading

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Farewell Elly Mae Clampett: A Lady at last… Who knew she was older than my Mom?

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Flip the Switch:

Swiped this from the restroom of the abandoned Gulf service station I’ve been turning tricks in lately. I kept flipping the switch to alert the attendant that I filthied it up and that it was in need of cleaning and … Continue reading

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I tend to be a wordsmith. That being the times when I actually tend to work with words. Lately, I haven’t felt the inspiration to write or as Mr. Brian O’Bannion would put it, “court the muse.”My parent’s are wordsmiths … Continue reading

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Mémoire du Parade de Fiesta:

In my dream, I find myself under the shade of a live oak tree and the cushion of soft green grass with a quill and stationary embossed with my initials highlighted in Wedgwood blue. I open the transportable writing caddy … Continue reading

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Did You Hear?

No. What? You can still smoke in the Koffee Kettle off Rucker Boulevard in Enterprise Alabama. I do enjoy a smoke with a meal. I highly recommend the Buttermilk pancakes, but then again I always do. Surprisingly the spoons were squeaky clean. … Continue reading

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Workin’ Hard for the Money:

Been on my knees all day and I only got a dolla to show for it. My pads are worn out and my jaw is sore.

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Disjointed Ramblings:

Friday night was one of those. Seconds after leaving work I received a traffic violation. A TICKET!  Officer: Do you know the speed limit on this road? Me: Um, 40… Officer: It’s 30. Officer: How fast do you think you … Continue reading

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What I Wore to the Golden Globes:

I love something low-cut and sexy and when I saw it in the window I just had to have it. Lucy Liu, and Juliana Rancid should be so fortunate to shop at Goodwill but I don’t think they have the … Continue reading

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