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L’amour Toujour L’amour:

A little while back British Jon of Give’em the old Razzle Dazzle posted a centenary celebration of the late Dorothy Lamour. While reading the article I came across this photo of Dorothy, Bob and Bing from the On the Road … Continue reading

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Mystery Guest Revealed:

Would the mother of the mystery guest please sign in and disown your child.  April 5, marked what would have been the 106th birthday of Bette Davis. As usual I pulled up her Wikipedia entry and snuggled up to savor … Continue reading

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Vampire Lucy:

I sometimes wander over to the game section of my local junk stores. There I find memories of games I’ve never played. Like, Cross Up.? With Lucy as your host? Strangely, I don’t recall this one. IT”S LUCY in vivid … Continue reading

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I accompanied my Ex-new boyfriend, Dave Koz the gay saxophone player, to the Seabreeze Jazz Festival where I was a V-I-P. A V.I.P. mind you… As a Very Important Playah, I scarfed down Free food, Free Drinks,  all in a … Continue reading

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One Ringy Dingy:

So guess where I’m going tonight? The gifted waitress.

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Good choreography never goes out of style: Everyone says the Eighties are back. I say NAY. It’s the Seventies all over again.

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Ewan Why Aren’t You Nude?

Every now and again I receive a horny distress call involving porn or the lack thereof. In today’s mail, The Concerned Citizens Who Really Want to See Ewan McGregor Get Naked in Front of the Camera Again Committee, succinctly lamented … Continue reading

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What’s She Up To?

So I was wondering today as I so often do, What’s Ana Gasteyer up to these days? It would appear as though she’s picked up a job modeling for Worker’s Compensation posters. Nice gig I wish I had thought of … Continue reading

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Teen Beat:

Once long ago in 1978 I mailed a $9.00 money order for a yearly prescription to Teen Beat-off Magazine. I never received a single issue. It destroyed my faith in the US Postal service and teen magazines in general. I … Continue reading

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Yo Stink Bitch:

Because I think Jennifer Coolidge is currently the funniest person alive.

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