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I enjoy shelling peas and clipping my nails. Mostly because my nails get dirty from shelling peas. I collect taxidermy and prosthetic limbs/braces, I like drag queens and opera and where they all mingle and twain. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder...or is it...Out of sight is out of mind...I can never remember which"


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First Post

Doesn’t WordPress sound like I’m in a basement typesetting little tiny individual letter blocks in neat little rows for rolling ink over then smashing them on a large piece of newspaper? It feels like it since I have no idea … Continue reading

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Right Now:

Sometimes when I’m standing in line for Space Mountain I play a sort of meditation game to pass the time. It involves the possibility that somewhere in the world someone or something is the most special of its kind right … Continue reading

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Lost & Found:

I use a reader/aggregator to keep up with all the blogs, tumblers, porn, news, music, design, etc. websites that I try to keep current. I have them all neatly organized according to content. Two years ago I subscribed to a … Continue reading

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L’amour Toujour L’amour:

A little while back British Jon of Give’em the old Razzle Dazzle posted a centenary celebration of the late Dorothy Lamour. While reading the article I came across this photo of Dorothy, Bob and Bing from the On the Road … Continue reading

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Make it Stop:

I was beginning to think that the reason I dislike todays pop music is because I’m old. It’s not. I think the songs all sound alike or some slight variation from one to another. Take Meghan Trainor for instance, “All … Continue reading

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Farewell Elly Mae Clampett: A Lady at last… Who knew she was older than my Mom?

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Merry Christmas From My Family To Yours:

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The Causeby Effect:

The Causeby Effect is a social behavior, similar in nature to the Ebola Effect that I instigated observed recently in a public situation that involved an innocent black individual coughing in a McDonald’s, then panicked crowds recklessly stampeded for safety while … Continue reading

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Yard Sale:

These are the things I passed on purchasing at Debbie Reynolds latest Hollywood yard sale.

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