Paris is a Lonely Town:

Now that Jason’s back!


About meandirtypirate

I enjoy shelling peas and clipping my nails. Mostly because my nails get dirty from shelling peas. I collect taxidermy and prosthetic limbs/braces, I like drag queens and opera and where they all mingle and twain. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder...or is it...Out of sight is out of mind...I can never remember which"
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5 Responses to Paris is a Lonely Town:

  1. Kevin says:

    can't wait to hear all about it!


  2. MJ says:



  3. jason says:


    Oh, but just like her I need some valium, vodka and a gay husband or two to take the edge off this jet lag.


  4. lx says:

    Paris, Texas, certainly is.


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