Future Fashion…Again

To set the mood listen to the background music from Blade Runner’s, The Snake Pit Bar.
Blade Runner the movie repeatedly inspires designers John Galliano and Alexander McQueen nearly 25 years after the initial theatrical release. The innovative futuristic looks of the 1960’s failed to generate momentum partly due to lack of modern technological innovations. While electronic gadgets and technology have morphed into the 21 century, fashion trends continue to draw inspiration from the past. Now that the innovations have arrived why are we still wearing clothes from last century?

An excerpt from The Hollywood Fashion Machine:

Blade Runner’s” highly stylized look was achieved by melding fashion era’s. A compilation of classic silhouettes, red lipstick, Joan Crawford inspired hair and 80’s shoulder padded power suits updated with futuristic fabrics imply there is no future without a past. Punk looks are achieved with fishnet tights and highly smudged eye shadow. A traditional trench coat signifies power when remade in leather and laser cut. Alexander McQueen found inspiration from “Blade Runner” when designing runway looks with models almost mirroring the movie. Read the rest of the article:

John Galliano celebrated the opening of the new Christian Dior boutique in New York with a Blade Runner themed party with Pris inspired makeup.

Blade Runner Girls:
Fashion inspired by the movie.

Current Future Fashion innovator Hussein Chalayan’s Spring/Summer 2007 and Fall/Winter 2007 collections contained clothing that was both inspired by nature and technology. Amazing designs that move and change shape and color depending on the environment or occasion.

Hussein Chalayan Fall 2007 Show

Chalayan’s Spring 2007 Show

A much cheerier note:

Inter-Office Memo: Dress Code
Fashion dictators predict trends for Fall 2007 will be from the future but available tomorrow: No really…T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W! So please update wardrobes as necessary. Any garments violating dress code enforcement will be blasted and disintegrated by the Blade Runner Fashion Retirement Unit.


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