Went to see Susan Lucci last fall for the Super Soap Weekend at MGM Studios in Disney World. My buddy Jason had gotten a photo with her 10 years earlier and had it blown up to take with us for her to autograph. Her Husband was kind enough to take it to her to sign, but I think they thought of us as stalkers.

That’s Erica’s real life husband showing her Jason and his huge photo! Jason is wearing his Manning Jersey.

In this photo Erica is giving Jason what I call the Tricia. Tricia Pennington was the equivalent to a Mississippi Paris Hilton. You would say, “Hey Tricia” and she would swing her Farrah-flip-hair-do around and kind of politely smile and say, “Oh ….Hey.”

She was very kind and cordial all through the whole ordeal. She knows that she is being photographed the entire time and it’s hard to take a bad picture of her.

Anyway I couldn’t wait to get out of there and go ride the Tower of Terror.


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I enjoy shelling peas and clipping my nails. Mostly because my nails get dirty from shelling peas. I collect taxidermy and prosthetic limbs/braces, I like drag queens and opera and where they all mingle and twain. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder...or is it...Out of sight is out of mind...I can never remember which"
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